Terms & Conditions

This is the official Players and Official portal of Federació Catalana De Cricket. Also known as Cricket Catala or FCC.

You are registering yourself as a club administrator on this portal. So it's your responsibility to keep your id and password secret.

It's your responsibility to collect players information of your club and input it here. You're not allowed to delete any player from the list by yourself. If requires you've to request it to FCC admin to remove the player from your list.

This portal will hold all the personal and sensitive information of players. So it's totally prohibited to share your username and password with someone who are not authorized. If we found any case then federation will take steps file case against you for breaching the GDPR rules.

Information collected on this portal will be used by FCC record. FCC will not provide this information to any third party or will not use marketing purpose without concent of the player himself.

This terms and conditions will be updated as required. Changes will be notified to the club admin. It's club admin's responsiblity to inform this terms and conditions to there player.